Peter on CD
and 'Long Legged Guitar Pickin Man'

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Toetruck from the album Lock and Load by Jazz Trip.

Written by Shaun Duncan this instrumental track features a drum solo towards the end in 5/4.

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Long Legged Guitar Pickin Man from the album Walking the Line featuring Rohan Powell and Amber Poulton.

A Rockabilly/Country track with Peter on drums performing with the Walking the Line Band.


The Journey of Musical Discovery

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After more than 25 years of teaching I have developed a teaching philosophy which I describe as "The Journey of Musical Discovery". Download the PDF

It explains my teaching method and is the basis for my tutor books and teaching style. I am available to discuss this with educators, parents and students.

Please contact me and I would be happy to explain this further.

YouTube Channel

Peter Matzick Music


Description: These videos are to help play exercises from the tutor books and other material set during lessons with Peter Matzick and to provide resources for teachers, parents and students.

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Missed Approach Tony Quick March
Critical Point Stylin Oom-Cha
Going Round Brasilia Three's the Keys
Lima Beans Phat Funk Holiday Song
Hold Short Rock Solo 2000 Taiko Mania
Touch and Go Kick It Out
Scuffle Tony 2
Philly's Groove Terror Dance
LJ Rocks
One in Sixty

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Drumming Level ONE

Drumming Level TWO